Why Companies Need to Start Use Safee Journey Management System

Why Companies Need to Start Use Safee Journey Management System

Why Companies Need to Start Use Safee Journey Management System 1348 899 Safee

Why Companies Need to Start Use Safee Journey Management System

Across all industries operating a fleet of vehicles, crashes are the main reason that makes businesses lose billions of dollars every year. Several statistical studies found that human error is the definite cause of accidents 70% of the time, and the probable cause 93% of the time. Therefore, at the core of the journey management system is taking into consideration that human role besides other aspects of the dynamic environment of the fleet operation, to develop well-designed journey plans that achieve the ultimate goal of protecting the company from risks and liabilities.

What Is Journey Management?

Journey management is the group of systematic actions and planning processes that aim to reduce the risk to the minimum across the company’s transportation operations, ensuring safety in the fleet’s workplace and avoiding the unnecessary costs caused by crashes and accidents.

Key objectives of a journey management plan:

  • Avoid unnecessary trips.
  • Minimize driven distances.
  • Reduce the risks in necessary trips.

The journey management of Safee helps you to focus on the four key factors that affect your operations:

  • Drivers
  • Vehicles
  • Road conditions
  • Environment and weather conditions.

In order to mitigate all kinds of hazards, such as:

  • Driver inexperience.
  • Driver fatigue and distraction.
  • Reckless driving behaviors.
  • Miserable road conditions.
  • Construction sites and closed roads. 
  • Dangerous routes.
  • Malfunctioning vehicles.
  • Unsecured assets.
  • Conflicted maintenance schedules.
  • Bad weather conditions.
  • Risky traffic situations.
  • Communication failures.

Types Of Activities Included Within Safee Journey Management System

The modern system of journey management from Safee is a cloud-based system that includes online activities designed specifically to eliminate the paper burden of traditional travel arrangements of spreadsheets and forms which are not really helpful for the management to know what is exactly happening on the ground. Meanwhile, Safee journey management system streamlines administrative tasks processing and ensures safety procedures across the whole hierarchy structure of the business.

Safee journey management activities include:

  • Journey logging. the trip reason, start point, waypoints, destinations, validation period, and restrictions (speed, communication, … etc).
  • Journey duration selection. as long or as short as required.
  • Vehicles records. details about the vehicles, vehicle make, model, registration number, plate number, … etc.
  • Instant alarms. notifications sent to the driver during his journey with real-time updates to the back office.
  • Audit history. for all logged journeys and trip communications.
  • Automated journey approval/disapproval. depending on the journey risk assessment results.
  • Scheduled reporting. generating daily, weekly, and monthly reports.
  • Risk assessment. accomplished prior to the journey start and includes:
    • Driver readiness.
    • Fatigue analysis.
    • Road and weather conditions.
    • Asset condition.

Top Reasons Why Companies Need to Start Using The Journey Management System Of Safee

  • Safer trips and more secure and efficient operations. Avoid accident-related risks and eliminate delivery delays by automating the optimization process of finding and classifying the best routes with minimal traffic congestions prior to the journey. Select the most suitable paths for your fleet’s multi-stop trips.
  • Better commitment to scheduled missions. Fully digitized planning for the journeys before they even start gives the staff an opportunity to choose the safest and most efficient routes that ensure trips are completed successfully on time and enhance the company’s ability to commit to the scheduled appointments.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations. Journey management planning includes pre-journey inspections to ensure that the driver is going to use the right vehicle for the journey, that vehicle is in good condition and it adheres to the government regulations and safety standards.
  • Better prepared for emergencies. Well-designed tour plans provide all necessary guidance to drivers in case of an accident or emergency. Besides general safety guidelines and what-to-do lists, journey management plans can include company-specific protocols and instructions that ensure better communications channels with the fleet manager in the back office.
  • Operations standardization and more accurate accountability. Having official journey management plans that include instructions, guidelines, and all necessary information help to standardize the fleet procedures and improve employee accountability across your entire company.

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