Economic Benefits of Integrated Trailer Management Solution

Economic Benefits of Integrated Trailer Management Solution

Economic Benefits of Integrated Trailer Management Solution 1246 620 Safee

Economic Benefits of Integrated Trailer Management Solution

Running a transportation firm is a complicated issue where you have to manage an enormous number of trucks, trailers, drivers, and other workforces and make daily communications with other freight operators and forwarders. To ensure your business flourish and to increase revenues, you should keep attention to the operating costs including drivers labor, equipment costs, and accessories charges.

Trailer management solutions from Safee platform introduce the three main services:

  • Trailer GPS Tracking.
  • Weight Tracking and Axle Load Monitoring.
  • Trailer Dynamic Assignment.

combined in one integrated solution which is robust, economic, and efficient.

Our integrated solution is here to help you increase profits and savings, reduce operational costs, improve order rate, and reduce burden.

For the companies which still use spreadsheets or card systems to manage their trailers distribution, it takes only one or two human mistakes per week to result in significant issues. The traditional trailer management approaches usually cause serious problems of misplaced trailers and lost precious goods that end with a negative impact on sales revenues especially prior to the major occasional events.

The modern integrated trailer management solution has a great impact on the overall effectiveness and cost-efficiency of transportation and logistics businesses

Trailer GPS Tracking

Safee GPS trailer tracking solutions empower fleet managers to gain full visibility over trailers on highways and in the warehouse parks.

Our advanced telematics solutions help you to:

  • Optimize trailer utilization.
  • Reduce fuel costs.
  • Improve safety and security.
  • Prevent trailer theft and unauthorized use.
  • Speed up recovery of lost loads.

Weight Tracking

Trailer weight tracking and axle load monitoring services of Safee platform provide you with the crucial capabilities to run the whole fleet operations smoothly and more efficiently. With Safee axle load monitoring system you are able to reduce maintenance costs, optimize loading procedures, and avoid paying fines for exceeding maximum axle load.

Weight tracking services of Safee depend basically on the integrations with the advanced solutions of KIMAX sensors. KIMAX sensor consists of many units, every unit has four channels, every channel might be connected to one axle or more and sends a weight value.

The total weight, load weight, and zero weight on each axle can be seen from the weight explorer section on the platform. Furthermore, the system can display changes in weight over time via graphical charts.

Trailer Dynamic Assignment

With Safee integrated trailer dynamic assignment you do not need to purchase any extra device or equipment such as 1-Wire iButton or RFID identifiers or any other identification service.

Our solution depends basically on the structure of the KIMAX sensor itself. KIMAX weight tracking system fixed on the trailer consists of a controller and sensors. KIMAX sends the serial number of the controller with the weight messages, this serial number will be used as an identification number of the trailer so we can distinguish it from other trailers across the fleet. Safee platform reads the trailer ID included in the weight message and the system will assign the trailer to the corresponding vehicle and update its schedules instantly.

With the advanced approach of the integrated trailer dynamic assignment solution from Safee, you are able to:

  • Reduce the costs of having external identifiers.
  • Track the movement of the trailers between the vehicles.
  • Ensure your trucks are on the road with the correct trailers.
  • Eliminate manual searching processes.
  • Spend fewer hours performing checking procedures.
  • Improve trailer utilization rates.
  • Gain the ability to support larger logistics operations.
  • Avoid third-party accessories costs.
  • Optimize time and resource consumption.
  • Track and protect valuable loads.
  • React immediately in case of problems.

To boost your business effectiveness, go to Safee platform, and benefit from the new feature of integrated trailer management.

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